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Mechanical & Fire Safety

Scope of Business and Business Areas

Sanitary Facilities

The pipe facility required to use clean water every day

  • 1) Water supply system : Pipes for supplying water to sinks and fire hydrants.
  • 2) Water discharge system : Pipes for discharging wastewater from sinks and tubs.
  • Air exhaust : Pipes to discharge deteriorated gas from drain.

Cooling/Heating Facilities

Keeps the indoor temperature higher or lower than outside air to create a pleasant environment.

  • 1) Heating facility : Centralized heating, independent heating, localized heating, etc.
  • 2) Cooling facility : Type using heat of fusion, heat of sublimation, or heat of evaporation / type using compressed machines for expansion / type using the Peltier effect.

HVAC Duct Facilities

Used to keep the indoor air pleasant and free of contamination at certain temperature and humidity.

Rectangular duct and spiral duct to control ventilation, temperature/humidity, and air supply.