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Aftersale Service

We will never rely on outsourcing for service. Prompt and accurate aftersale service is the heart of a company.

Overview of Maintenance/Repair

KOREA E&C Co., Ltd. ensures flawless construction, quality products and services at reasonable prices based on technology and experience accumulated for tens of years.
We are providing maintenance and repair through strict quality control standards to use high-quality products for the longest lifespan.
There are many maintenance and repair services available, but formal inspection may shorten the lifespan and cause accidents.
KOREA E&C Co., Ltd. arranges experienced experts with years of experience for inspection and troubleshooting to help you use the facilities and equipment safely and for an extended period.

Inspection Agreement

Why we recommend maintenance/repair agreement

Extends the lifespan
Routine inspection discovers even the smallest problems in an early stage for timely replacement of old, worn parts to extend the lifespan of facilities.
Economical and safe
Minimizes inconvenience and cost caused by unwanted accidents during operation.
Smooth operation to guarantee performance
Prevents breakdowns with experts' strict preventive inspection and maintenance.

Maintenance/Repair and Aftersale Service System